Apakah Anda menjalankan sekolah atau akademi? Apa yang akan Anda lakukan jika institusi Anda harus meningkatkan penjualan dan produktivitasnya?

Untuk At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy yang berbasis di Singapura, mereka membuat langkah yang benar dan akhirnya meningkatkan produktivitas mereka sebesar 28%!

Jadi apa yang mereka lakukan dengan benar? Soalnya, At-Sunrice bukan hanya akademi kuliner. Sebagai akademi Makanan dan Minuman yang berkuasa selama satu dekade sekarang, ini adalah salah satu akademi kuliner pertama yang dianugerahi akreditasi National CET Institute (NCI) di Singapura. Ini memiliki pengaturan studi-magang yang selaras yang memungkinkan siswa untuk memperluas arena mereka di luar ruang kelas, memaksimalkan kemampuan kerja dan persiapan mereka untuk karier sebagai koki global dan profesional F & B setelah lulus. Pada 2011, At-Sunrice membuka Akademi F&B WSQ baru yang berlokasi di 28 Tai Seng Street. Untuk meningkatkan produktivitas di tanah saat ini, akademi menggunakan teknologi terdepan.

Untuk memfasilitasi strategi bisnis yang efisien, At-Sunrice perlu mempertimbangkan kembali Manajemen Pembelajarannya, Manajemen Kampanye dan sistem Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia.

AIM@iSTAR, the intelligent Student-Teacher Analytics Resource system, is equipped with business intelligence and artificial intelligence technology to improve teaching and facilitate learning through the analysis of students’ results and identification of influencing factors affecting the results.

Raw student results have much more to offer than just the assignment of grades. Using our Interactive Segment Chart, educators are able to have a quick visual overview of their students’ performances and benchmark them against their peers within the same class as well as between different classes.

Entering data into any system may seem to be a tedious task. However, our solution offers several easy methods in doing so:

  1. Scanning students' answer sheets using any ordinary paper and scanner. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are auto-marked while hand-written scores for Open Ended Questions (OEQ) are recorded in our system using Intelligent Character Recognition Technology.
  2. Mobile Application to input scores, which provides convenience of entering scores during oral examinations, presentations etc.
  3. Excel import using our automatically generated Excel templates for each assessment.
  4. Web Application to enter scores directly using a computer.

All functionalities in the system such as dashboards, discovery of influencing factors, and all other reports will be available without any manual processing once data have been succcessfully uploaded.

AIM@iSTAR provides general school data management functionalities and an artificial intelligence-based analytics engine in a user-friendly layout, allowing teachers and other users to focus on the job at hand, rather than the technologies behind it. This will help schools in their teaching pedagogy and contents to the targeted group of students in order to address their weaknesses, improving student learning techniques.

AIM@iSTAR helps educators isolate specific issues affecting performances of each student, thereby allowing effective and expedient intervention. It can even provide the school with insights on its teaching effectiveness. This system will also be able to improve teaching productivity while enhancing student learning.


Memiliki Pengertian yang Dalam Terhadap Pelanggan Anda

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to improve customer interactions, assisting in customer retention rate and spur sales growth. CRM is the strongest and most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers.

AIM@CRM saves technical personnel time from doing tedious statistical analysis with its knowledge discovery engine.

AIM@CRM is designed to yield business benefits to large and small reatail chains in any industry. It helps business keep their overhead cost down and make smarter business decisions to increase business profitability.

AIM@CRM saves technical personnel time from doing tedious statistical analysis with its knowledge discovery engine. With online querying capabilities that various business units can easily manipulate, they no longer have to support them through tedious cube programming.

Being infinitely customisable, AIM@CRM is an investment that grows with you. Organisations have the Flexibility to select modules relevant to them based on their immediate needs and budget. The solution can also be quickly customised to fit specific user needs.

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The Future of Collaborative Learning

AIM@iCS (Intelligent Collaborative Solution) is a web based platform with structured collaborative learning lesson templates that leverages on a semantic analysis engine to understand and assess in real time students' mastery of subject concepts and to assess students’ contribution level and group learning process which allows teachers to review student’s social learning capabilities and intervene when necessary.

What makes our system truly unique is its ability to aid teachers in the assessment of Open Ended Questions (OEQ). AIM@iCS provides schools with an online assessment platform where teachers are able to upload their lesson plans by making use of many preloaded tools in the system. For tasks/assessments that only accept a few identified answers, such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), AIM@iCS is able to automatically mark students’ answers. However, what makes our system truly unique is its ability to aid teachers in the assessment of Open Ended Questions (OEQ). Our semantic engine is able to automatically discover common words and phrases that are used by students. The assessor is then able to classify them as either a key concept or a misconception. This not only helps in speeding up the assessment process, but also enables teachers to immediately identify students who have misunderstood a key concept, which often happens among less talkative students.

AIM@iCS showcased at Bett Asia - EdTech Excellence Awards 2015

Collaboration among students is coveted by education sectors around the world as its benfits are truly remarkable. Collaboration stimulates critical thinking and helps students clarify ideas through discussion and debate. It also helps students build their confidence in voicing out opinions as it is done through a screen.

Our collaborative solution enables students to communicate via a chat room, and analysis can be done to help teachers identify strong and positive collaboration relationship between classmates. Students are also able to comment on their classmates' work and to offer their opinions, which can prove to be an effective solution as students often understand one another better. Reports can also be automatically generated to reflect a student's communication style, such as inquisitive or assertive etc.

“I find that the AIM@iCS system is something very innovative and appealing where I am able to plan my lesson using the tools available. For the collaborative learning (CoL), it allows me to improve my students’ understanding and assessment of group processes when students participate in CoL when I assign group work to them. It is a dynamic process where I am not able to move around in groups physically to see how they talk and collaborate but with the system, I am able to see how they talk and collaborate in their groups.” - Ms Fio Ang, teacher of Innova Primary on AIM@iCS

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