Deskera Customer Relationship Management Software provides an organization with a single view of its customers; helps automate critical sales processes – from leads qualification to promotional campaigns, and enables decision makers to easily implement customer-centric strategies and ensure effective sales management.

Deskera CRM Key Features

Turn Up the Competition through Campaigns

With Deskera’s Campaigns you can run and manage CRM campaigns and all their details, run and administer email marketing campaigns, and export your CRM campaign lists in multiple file formats.

Stay Ahead in Finding Leads

Search, track and convert your leads. Define lead activities and capture leads by using Deskera’s Lead Capture Forms. Import all your leads from a CSV or XLS file.

Track All Records under Each Accounts

Track and manage your accounts along with product, opportunity, activity and case details. Track recent account activities, enjoy regular updates through emails, notes, events and more.

Win Your Customers through After-Sales Support

Assign process owners to customer cases. Track and solve pending cases. Add priorities, assess track progress and manage customer life cycle.

Keep All Activities under Control Via Contact Management

Manage each product or service and get its instant information through search features. Maintain vendor details and track activities associated with all your products.

Go the Distance with Sales Forecast

Gain insight into customer preferences and demand patterns. Determine the lead conversion ratio and track expected revenues.

Better Communication – Always

Deskera Email provides a single messaging system for each Deskera user – an efficient and easy-to-use function to send messages.

One-spot Destination for All Products

Manage each product or service and get its instant information through search features. Maintain vendor details and track activities associated with all your products.

Improve Opportunity to Leads Ratio Manifolds

CRM Opportunity Management Software enables you to prioritize leads so you can focus on customers with the highest potential to close a deal.

Improving Your Knowledge Management

View and manage documents from CRM. Add context through tags and folders and easily search for documents with secured information distribution.

Deskera Modules


Track. Reconcile. Optimize.

From invoices to Books, Easy Purchase Management, Sales and Billing Management, Customer and Vendor Management, Configurable Charts of Accountant. Customizable Financial Reports and more.

Procure. Utilize. Produce.
Optimize your enitre manufacturing process - from production planning and process scheduling, to quality and compliance - while reducing the total manufacturing costs.
Connect. Acquire. Delight. Integrated CRM which makes Customer Management easy – with Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Campaigns, Products, Reports, Revenue Forecasting and more.
Employ. Train. Retain. Easy Payroll Management, Paperless Performance Appraisal, Effective Recruitment Management, Intuitive Dashboards, Employee Self Service and Claims, Timesheets, Leaves and more.
Collaborate. Plan. Deliver. Create Project Plans, Interactive GANTT Charts, Collaborate in Real Time With Team-members, Allocate People & Material Resources, Track Cost of Projects, Get Real Time Project Reports and Analytics and more.
Simplify. Automate. Approve. Automate Leave Application, Configure Leave Entitlement Rules, Manage Paid Time Off, Automate Rule-based Workflow, Track Employee Attendance through Comprehensive Reports, and more.
Define. Verify. Syncronize. Automate Claims Applications. Analyze Claims Trends, Customize Claims Approval Rules, Paperless Claims Management, Powerful Claims Administration, Intuitive Reports, and more.